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Eine deutsche SWC-Faction und Government

Eyes glinted in the shadows, soft pale colored in the lone yellow street lamp's shadow. The eyes blinked closed and open slowly. They watch two figures across the street, trying to avoid suspicious eyes in the entrance to an alley. Garbage strewn around, they exchanged cases. A shutter opens from across the street. The lense of a holocam clipped in the silence. The two figures glance across the street quickly. They quickly parted each a different direction. From across the street lurks a short, dark Bothan. Smiling the bothan slung the holocam over his shoulder and stalked back into the alley.

Bothan Media Services is here to uncover the dirty little secrets that your government doesn't want you to know. We are here to find and throw into the public eye, the one thing people dont want you to see. That is our goal, that is our vision. The Bothans are watching.
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